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I r i s h   T i m e s ~ 06/2010

Review - DLR Glasthule Opera

The principle parts in both all-Irish casts of Glasthule Opera's second annual season were filled with distinction
Doreen Curran smouldered in the title role of Carmen, combining astute drama with a wealth of apposite vocal colour. Anthony Kearns ... click here to read more

Irish Times ~ 06/2009

Operatic Ambitions in Glasthule

On a SUMMER'S evening, with the sea a blue smudge at the edge of a blue sky, Glasthule is undeniably a pleasant spot. But does the name of this south Dublin village have an operatic ring? Anne-Marie O'Sullivan reckons it does, which is why she has set up Glasthule Opera ... click here to read more

D u b l i n   P e o p l e ~ 06/2009

The talented musician responsible for the upcoming inaugural opera gala to be held on the Southside next month has spoken of her vision for Dublin's first full-blown opera festival planned for next year. The Glasthule Opera Company's gala day scheduled to take place in the Pavilion Theatre ... click here to read more

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